Japan Dairy Industry

Japan Dairy Industry Association is
a non-profit organization that
develops healthy business
in dairy farming and the dairy industry,
and contributes to the improvement
of public health in Japan.

About JDIA

The percentage of Japanese dairy farmers’ raw milk production to gross agricultural production in Japan is approximately 8%, equivalent to 700 billion yen. In addition, the value of dairy industry shipments is more than 2 trillion yen, which is about 10% of food manufacturers’ industrial shipments. In this way, the dairy farm industry forms the basis of agriculture and food industries in Japan.

In this way, the dairy farming business is an industry formed by various collaborators who develop the process of raw milk production and its products. As a part of this dairy industry, we strive to maintain the quality and safety of milk production/products. Great effort is made to improve the reliability of the relationship not only between us and consumers, but also with people involved in this industry.

Milk and dairy products contain essential nutrition to keep people from young to old healthy. In recent years, new research has proven the health benefits of milk and dairy products. We will make every effort to share accurate and updated information of milk and dairy products including any new findings.We hope to receive your continued patronage for Japanese milk and dairy products.

Introduction to Japanese milk and milk products

「Discover JAPAN MILK」

Milk and milk products produced in Japan are an essential food to maintain healthy body for all generations in Japan, and those are consumed as an ensured safe food.

Japanese dairy farmers and milk manufacturers conduct their products with intensive quality control to produce various kinds of dairy products such as milk, yogurt, butter, cheese and ice cream. These products are utilized regularly in various occasions, not only as day-to-day food at home but also as ingredients to cook and produce dairy products.

We made a video to introduce the characteristic aspects of Japanese dairy and milk products. It is organized in four parts: “dairy farmer”, “milk hauler”, “quality control chief” and “restaurant chef”. They will appear in each of their parts. You will see their perspectives to their work: hygiene management for keeping high quality, repetition of accurate operation, and their persistence to milk products. Their professional dignity in those work will be shown in this footage.

We sincerely wish you will discover the “profound taste” of Japanese dairy products in our video.


Japan Dairy Industry Association

Nyugyoukaikan 4F, 1-14-19 Kudankita Chiyodaku Tokyo map
March 25 2011 Officially authorized by the Secretariat of the Public Interest Corporation Commission and registered in April 1.
(Transition to new organization under the new act on the public-interest corporations system)
Regular member 67, Supporting member 92 (at date of April 1 2018)
Improvement of dairy industry, quality and promote better hygiene to develop healthy dairy industry and improve public health in Japan. (nonprofit system)
Main Business:
Promote beneficial change and rationalization in dairy business.
Improve hygiene and quality of milk/dairy products.
Improve producing technology of milk/dairy production.
Promote knowledges and expand consumption of milk/dairy products.
Conduct studies in milk/dairy production, and provide those information.
Implement environmental measures in dairy industry.
Further necessary business to achieve our purpose.
<Regular member> Individuals and organizations agreed to our vision.
<Supporting member> Individuals and organizations who supports our business.


Established as a General Incorporated Association on April 1 due to the new act on the public-interest corporations system, sanctioned by the Secretariat of the Public Interest Corporation Commission.
Japan Dairy Industry Association as an Incorporated Association dissolved on April 1.
Japan Dairy Industry Association was established on March 1 with the approval of the Minister of Health and the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.
Japan Dairy Industry Association consolidated three former organization: Japan Dairy Products Association, National Milk Association, and Japan Dairy Industry Council due to their dissolution on February 29.
Japan Dairy Products Association (established in 1917)
National Milk Association (established in 1929)
Japan Dairy Industry Council (established in 1967)